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High Risk Echeck/ACH Merchant Accounts

Echeck is a payment method that allows merchants to admit electronic check payments for items purchased via various methods available in ecommerce sites. In addition, it enables merchants to accept paper checks and transform them into electronic checks. It works almost like a regular check, but as an alternative of using the paper one to make payments, the client offers the merchant with the essential details via other platforms, enabling the merchant to process the info electronically. The Echeck service is enabled by an Automated Clearing House Network (ACH), abbreviated as ACH merchant account, to process money transfers from client bank account to the merchant’s account.

Why then use Echeck/ACH Merchant Accounts as a method of payment? The key advantage of using this method is its ability to charge lower fees and rates even compared to most credit cards or PayPal. Most importantly, it’s very efficient as everything is carried out online thus eliminating inconveniences and costs of manually using paper checks. Echeck is a fully integrated solution therefore no third party is required in implementing it.  This makes it even easier for those merchant who are using payment gateway.   Also, this method is very safe therefore; Merchants have no reason to worry about payment for their goods

However, as a merchant, how will you process the Echeck payments?  A legitimate processor can help you.  Find a legitimate Echeck processor who can help you to electronically debit a payment directly from your customer account to your bank. It’s an amazing way to advance your bottom line. How? The more options you give to clients in terms of making payments, the more satisfied they will be, hence increasing your sales. Furthermore, your profit margin can increase, since the processing rate of ACH is much lower than that of credit cards.  Echeck/ACH Merchant Accounts benefits can be said to be:

  • Improved business cash flow
  • Reduces the disturbances of using paper checks such as lengthy funding times, returned check fees, trips to the bank and much more.
  • Decreased cost of sale. Payments by ACH are always priced at lower rates no matter the sale size.
  • Customer lifespan can be increased due to limited hassles.
  • Enables you to manage your payments and customers online with fewer processes.