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How To Obtain A Merchant Account For Peptide

Peptide is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide due to the huge demand for its products, such as peptide supplements. With its increasing demand, more online merchants and manufacturers of peptides are entering the market space.

However, due to the high-risk nature of the peptide industry, the opportunity of obtaining a merchant account for selling peptides is limited. To address the issue, certain merchant service providers, such as Offshore High-Risk Merchants, offer high-risk merchant account services so that you can avoid any extra challenges.

Merchant accounts are commercial bank accounts that assist in operating online transactions for various businesses. These merchant accounts allow companies to accept card payments along with other electronic transactions.

In fact, merchant accounts are especially important for those online businesses that operate on online transactions. To clarify it further, let’s discuss in detail how to obtain a merchant account for peptides.

How To Obtain A Merchant Account For Peptide From Offshore High-Risk Merchants

Methods to obtain peptide merchant account

In order to obtain a merchant account for peptides, US and Canadian merchants are urged to contact Offshore High-Risk Merchants at 1-877-724-6945. On the other hand, peptide merchants from other parts of the world can contact our high-risk merchant account manager at 001.905.407.6502.

Requirements For Obtaining Peptides Merchant Accounts

To apply for a peptide merchant account, make sure that you have all the necessary information and documents. These may include:

Recent bank statements.

  • Business-related documents, including business registration and license.
  • Peptide product information you plan to sell, such as their relevant certifications and use.
  • Processing history only if you previously managed credit card payments.
  • A website that contains all the products list you are selling and business information.

Peptide Merchant Account Fee

The fee for obtaining a merchant account for peptides varies and depends on the service providers. Offshore High-Risk Merchants‘ merchant account fee varies depending on the options they offer to the peptide merchants.

The options include:

  • Option 1: Asian solution
  • Option 2: North American solution
  • Option 3: European solution
  • Option 4: Aggregation
  • Option 5: South American solution
Obtaining a merchant account for peptide

Moreover, the fee that Offshore High-Risk Merchants charges varies from option to option. These may be influenced by the:

  • Set up fee
  • Monthly fee
  • Chargeback fee
  • Refund fee
  • Transaction fee

Learn more about how to obtain a merchant account by clicking here.

Peptide Merchant Account Approval Rate

The approval rates for peptides merchant accounts depend on certain factors, including submitting required documents and fees. The earlier the peptide merchants make the documents and fee submissions, the quicker they will get approved for their merchant accounts. Besides, the application approval takes only 2 to 5 business days.

Why Is Peptide A Risky Industry?

The peptide industry is considered one of the riskiest industries because peptides are connected with medicines and self-care products like anti-aging and skin care. Therefore, quality control issues and misleading claims about peptide products without scientific evidence account for peptides being regarded in high-risk industries.

obtaining Merchant accounts in 2023

Furthermore, some peptides are not approved for human use but they are still used in the fitness and sports community. However, many peptides are used for human benefits in medicines with proper measures and maintaining high-quality standards. Hence, such peptides are not harmful but still fall into a high-risk industry category.

Why Choose Offshore High-Risk Merchants For Your Merchant Account?

1. 24/7 Support For Potential Issues

Whenever you have any issue or question about your payment or merchant account, you can reach out to a live representative, and they will ensure your problem is resolved quickly and respond to you quickly.

This support is available for peptide merchants 24/7, so they don’t have to wait to resolve any issue to get answered to any question.

2. Secure Payment Gateway

In the e-commerce world, your business can be exposed to cyber-attacks, credit card fraud, and data breaches. But Offshore High-Risk Merchants understand this and protect your data through risk management technologies.

3. 100% Reliable E-Commerce Solution

As peptide is a high-risk industry, its merchants need a perfect e-commerce solution. For selling peptide products online, Offshore High-Risk Merchants offers solutions to you in the form of an opportunity so that you can sell your products internationally while accepting payments in various currencies with credit cards.

What Offshore High-Risk Merchants Offer

At Offshore High-Risk Merchants, you will get the facilities mentioned below as a peptide merchant.

  • Your application for a peptide merchant account will be accepted within 2 to 5 business days. You will not have to wait for months for application approval.
  • Peptide merchants will receive virtual reporting on their merchant account activity with chargeback volume and history.
  • It will take 48 to 78 hours for offshore incorporation.
  • Peptide merchants will receive 24/7 support through live operators and email.
  • You will get full assistance while writing a peptide merchant account application.
  • Merchants will also receive technical and terminal support.
  • Risk management technology will protect peptide merchants’ business websites from cyber-attacks and other risks.

Role Of Merchant Account In Boosting Peptide Business

Merchant accounts of peptide businesses let their customers buy peptides with credit cards and other electronic payments. This way, merchant accounts increase the number of customers, allowing peptide merchants to sell their products globally. Moreover, peptides for sale credit cards are an easy way to make payments without hassle.

The Final Word

Now that you understand all about how to obtain a merchant account for peptide business, you can contact one of the best-known merchant service providers that extended their services worldwide.

Although the peptide industry is known as one of the riskiest industries globally, getting a merchant account from a well-reputed merchant service provider like the Offshore High-Risk Merchants can spread your business worldwide while getting your payments within a few days.

So, it is time to arrange all the documents together and reach out to the Offshore High-Risk Merchants to discuss any queries and to process the application.