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International merchants can use USA e-checks for pharmacy merchant accounts

Some merchant accounts require extra attention than others, and among them is the pharmacy merchant account.  There are extra regulations to observe and a greater degree of commitment is required. The fact is electronic payment is the way to go about these days for any business that yearns for success. Not only does it enhances your customer base, but also increases your sales. Therefore, by visiting a merchant account provider allows your store accepts various major payments cards hence growing your revenue. Offshore High-Risk Merchants will guide you on how to integrate your business in accepting electronic checks and debit cards. Many merchants are aware of debit cards but don’t know that they can use USA e-Checks for their pharmacy stores.

So, what are these USA e-Cheques?  An e-Check is an electronic form of a paper check that can be used pay for goods online.  Just like the paper check, it generally takes less than 5 days for an e-Check to reach the recipient account.  An effective electronic check payment services enables you to process and accept payments from bank accounts to your website. Why should an international merchant then use an e-Check in his online pharmacy store?

By accepting e-Checks, you spread out the payment options accessible to existing new customers hence potentially increasing sales.

Lower fees:  e-Checks always charge lower rates compared to credit cards.

Fully integrated solution: Mostly, no 3rd party integration is needed for merchants that use our services.

More efficient:  Merchant account holders have an easy time using this mode of payment as any inconveniences of processing papers manually are eliminated.

Ship Product sooner: Shipping product is faster as there is an enhanced up-front transaction validation which returns the status of these transactions faster.

Security: For instance, we offer the latest secure socket layer (SSL)   expertise for better and more secure Internet Protocol transactions.

As a customer, making payments through an e-Check is simply easy. What only is required is a bank routing number as well as the account number. Also the name on your account number is often required. This information is mostly used by account providers to debit your payments from your checking account directly.