Offshore High Risk Merchants
Domestic and International Merchant accounts

Merchant Account Services

Offshore High Risk Merchant offers merchant account services for merchants seeking accounts in Canada, United States, and offshore. We have banking relationships with over 30 banks worldwide, specializing in high risk accounts. Our complete solution includes retail, Internet, mail order, and high risk ACH check processing. Place your merchant account with us and if we can’t approve you, no one in our industry can. Our services are as follows:

Canadian and United States High Risk Merchant Accounts

  • Offshore High Risk Merchant Services works with a number of banks that specialize in high risk merchants that do high volume transactions
  • Requirements to process domestic is less stringent that offshore processing, no offshore incorporation is required to process with domestic banks
  • Merchant discount rates are favorable
  • Multiple currencies available
  • Majority of the online ecommerce merchants can be placed with a domestic bank with favorable rates
  • Canadian merchants with high chargebacks and on CIRF accepted and U.S. merchants on MATCH accepted

Offshore Merchant Accounts for High Risk Merchants

  • Offshore High Risk Merchant Services works with a number of offshore banks in Latin America, Caribbean and Europe
  • Unlimited volume, low discount rates, quick approvals
  • All business types accepted
  • Merchants with high chargebacks accepted
  • CIRF and MATCH (TMF) list merchants accepted

High Risk ACH Checking Accounts For International, U.S. and Canadian Merchants

  • Process electronic checks, guaranteed checks, web checks, check collections (delinquent ACH checks), and checks-by-phone
  • ACH checks for outbound/inbound telemarketing, mail/phone orders, cataloque sales, re-occurring billing, travel, tobacco-cigar/cigarettes, MLMs, pharmaceuticals
  • International merchants can process U.S. ACH checks (U.S. bank accounts required for International merchants, we will arrange)
  • Canadian merchants can process ACH checks in U.S. currency
  • Unlimited ACH check volume
  • Underwriting requirements are less stringent than credit cards
  • Excellent ACH virtual terminal for single transactions, batch uploads and re-occurring billing for eCommerce merchants, API available as well

3rd Party or Aggregation Accounts

Third party accounts are for merchants that have difficulties maintaining their own merchant accounts or have consistently high chargebacks. These merchants share an account within a large merchant portfolio until they are mature enough or have enough credit card processing history to obtain their own merchant account number. Merchant discount rates are favorable within this portfolio because the account is protected from chargebacks and high credit card processing volume within the merchant portfolio. Third party merchant accounts are for the following types of merchants:

  • New business with no credit card processing history
  • Merchants with high chargebacks, refunds, and returns
  • Merchants that are considered high risk
  • Merchants that are consistently averaging more than 1% in chargebacks a month
  • TMF (Terminated Merchant File or MATCH) and CIRF Merchants
  • Merchants under the Visa/MasterCard chargeback reduction program
  • Merchants that are not incorporated within a jurisdiction

POS Retail Merchant Accounts For United States and Canadian Merchants

  • Offshore High Risk Merchant Services works with a number of domestic banks to offer retail merchant accounts
  • We offer a variety of terminals for our retail merchants including wireless terminals
  • Volumes are based on underwriting criteria
  • Integrated point of sale solutions for special merchants
  • Online reporting on merchant transactions and chargebacks activity
  • Low discount rates for retail merchants – our rates are very competitive . Please complete our Pre-application form Pre-Merchant Application Form and one of our sales representatives will call you within 24 hours. All information is strictly confidential and there is no obligation to purchase