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Non control drugs for pharmacy merchant accounts

Traditionally, businesses viewed to be high risk by financial institutions have had many difficulties in securing a merchant account.  Processing credit card for non controlled pharmacies falls on this category.  Although non controlled pharmacies are among the rapidly glowing online businesses, processing an accepted credit card is not that fast. Newly as well as established non controlled pharmacy stores are realizing that the going can be rocky sometimes.

Regardless of the fact that medication for sale has been termed safe by many authorities as well as legal, non controlled l pharmacies are in a special category and go through many specific terms and restrictions. In addition, financial institutions are wary of scam sites, charge backs and safety in protecting financial and personal information.

Offshore High-Risk Merchants  has been offering merchant account solutions to business termed as high risk business for many years. We are well known and we are capable of providing the best rates and solutions to your online businesses. One of our specialties is credit card processing   for non controlled pharmacies. We can aid your non controlled pharmacy trim down fraud and charge back liability through a variety of charge back prevention methods and fraud protection.  We can provide nearly unlimited periodic high volumes for merchants. Your transactions will be routinely spread out across many merchant accounts, which allow larger volumes and reduced liability for finances held in reserve and risk.

Offshore High-Risk Merchants provides also a special verification program for our internet pharmacies that mostly eliminate fraud issues. The non-intrusive and simple verification process makes sure that your online pharmacy will not face any fraud issues. If you are an established or a new comer in non controlled pharmacy business and you are facing challenges obtaining this kind of account, or just looking for competitive rates, then we can help.  We rapidly integrate our processing gateway with any online store that come to us.  Processing with us will leave you guaranteed of fastest payouts and lowest rates for all non controlled drugs pharmacy accounts.