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Process and underwriting requirements for obtaining an ecommerce pharmacy merchant account

echeckTo obtain an eCommerce pharmacy merchant account is just similar to getting a business license. Many merchants struggle through the whole idea of acquiring a reliable merchant account – especially for a high risk offshore merchant account. Businesses such as online pharmacy demand thorough underwriting process so as to gauge the manageability of the risks attached before offering the merchant account services. The process of applying for an eCommerce pharmacy merchant account requires submission of a number of documents to support the approval of the application. This is done with caution before granting the pharmacy merchant account. To determine the appropriateness of a pharmacy business’ application to merchant account services, one is expected to deliver the following underwriting documents:

  • Valid pharmacy operating license
  • Utility bills
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Your pharmacy bank statements for over 6 months
  • Merchant processing statements for 6 months
  • Business’ memorandum of association
  • A duly completed form of merchant account application

The underwriting process of pharmacy merchant account calls for sound review and background check. This should be done by both banking partners and the merchant account service providers so as to establish quality grounds for application approval. At, we have experts to guide you through the process. We will help in managing the hassles of the process so as to get your merchant account application approved. Other underwriting documents that one may be required to table may include agreements with the pharmacy suppliers. It may sound a simple task applying for an eCommerce pharmacy merchant account. On the flip side, it is an involving task that demands effective skills and experience.

We have vast knowledge in processing the application issues and taking our merchant customers through these tides of underwriting. The process is quick and time conscious. It will only take you approximately two weeks of waiting before the account is fully approved. After this time, you can rest assured of doing the processing issues once you have integrated with the payment gateway of your choice. All bank references and customer phone calls are diligently reviewed to ensure compliance to the law of acquiring an eCommerce pharmacy merchant account. Let us help you in obtaining the right pharmacy merchant account for your online pharmacy now.