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Enabling your pharmacy website to accept credit cards

Accepting credit cards on your website is enormously necessary for the success of any web sales effort.  While there are various available payment methods used in websites, credit cards surpass every other method because of the acceptability and convenience. Some of the effective companies to enable credit cards acceptability to a website are usually 3rd party processors or merchant service providers like us.(  (Offshore High-Risk Merchants). The primary differences between the two are the liability carried by the website owner over processing the transactions, the way each sites specifically integrates with the service and the various prices for each of them.

So you are in a pharmacy business which is categorized under risky businesses; and you want to handle a large client base which means you will obviously integrate credit cards as a mode of making payments. How will you go about it? Integrating payment methods to your online pharmacy store is easy if you are guided by an experienced merchant account provider. Merchant accounts are preferable in this kind of business if you yearn for a completely seamless system in managing transactions.  That is also if you don’t wish your customers to leave your website when shopping, you have to integrate credit cards payment methods which can be offered by merchant account providers. However you will need a payment gateway and merchant account for credit card usage to be effective.

It’s easier to obtain a payment gateway from the specific company that is offering a merchant account. The merchant company can set the gateway for you if you have no idea. After these steps its ideal you have a shopping cart zone on your website. It can be either pre-made cart system or a custom-designed system. A user friendly interface will draw customers to stay and shop on your website. So it’s very essential. Once your site is integrated with the payment gateway, you are set to start accepting payments. The process is not as complex as its sounds; just be guided by an experienced industry leaders like us.

Quick overview of enabling your pharmacy account to accept credit cards

  • Website set up
  • Payment gateway and merchant account set up
  • Installing SSL certificates( can be guided by professionals)
  • Integrate the site with payment gateway
  • Testing is important
  • Go live.